On 19th April six year 10 students got the chance to take part in a European Challenge day being run at the University of Surrey.  A little nervous and apprehensive at first, our students listened intently as they were explained the enormity of the task!  Just like a task out of 'The Apprentice' the teams had to come up with a marketing campaign to sell stilton cheese abroad!  They had to research and choose the best international trade show, make a (mock) telephone call to book a nearby hotel, design and build a model of their trade stand, write and perform a radio advert, create a promotional leaflet, and finally make a (mock) pitch to Lidl supermarkets on why they should stock stilton. Oh, and all of this in Spanish!!  The last presentation also included a section about what they had learnt from the day. Below is one of the trade stand models.


The biggest element in this section was that, despite thinking they couldn’t do things at first, with a bit of perseverance and working as a team they were able to not only complete all the tasks but did so in good Spanish!  All the students did really well but Seb Williams was singled out by the organisers for an individual prize for his effort. His team, including Isobel Alldridge and four students from other schools came runners up overall.  The other students who took part in the day were Isabelle Tomkins, Nicole Watkins, David Trindade and Casey Brockbank.  Well done to all involved.

Lang day

Lang awards

Pictured above are Seb Williams (far right) and Isobel Alldridge (3rd from left) receiving their Runners-up team awards.

Written by SMS News
Posted on: 11/05/2018