Huge congratulations to all our Year 7 winners for STEAM.  A special well done must be given to Megan Neall who regularly submits unique and detailed competition entries which are frequently rewarded with both SMS and STEAM prizes.

Megan was the winner of our Automated Process week submitting a fantastic idea for an automated bath runner, submitting a written description of how this worked along with the diagram below:

Megan was also the winner of the Crowd Funding Perks competition where she undertook detailed research on how new apps are funded and designed her own ‘perk’ for the Midli crowdfunding campaign.  Megan named her perk  ‘The Grand Collection’.  This saw Megan scoop the STEAM prize for the week receiving a goody bag from Dinobytelabs.  More recently Megan submitted an entry explaining how VTime could be used in education to support young people in their leaning.  A detailed entry, Megan had clearly researched different types of learners and how technology could be used to support them in their learning.  Again this saw Megan scoop the STEAM prize and she was recently presented with her VR headset prize in assembly.  Well done Megan!

Malgorzeta Urbas and Liam Gunning were joint winners for the App Design competition.  Malgorzeta submitted a detail plan of an app aimed at combatting bullying:


Whilst Liam’s unique app focused on being able to find the nearest place where you can dispose of your rubbish – a unique and creative idea aimed at combatting litter issues.  Well done to both Liam and Malgorzeta.

We also say well done to Grace Rattenbury, winner of the robotics competition submitting a creative entry detailing an idea for a new way in which Pepper the Robot can help humanity.  Grace described how Pepper could help those who have become too reliant on their mobile phones and get them back to socialising in the community.


Once again a huge congratulations to all our winners.  Details of STEAM competitions are emailed to all Year 7, 8 and 9 students weekly.  Competition entries should be submitted before the deadline date in the email and can be handed in to Ms J Fenton-Hall (Head of ICT and Computing) in ICT3 or the ICT office or entries can be emailed.  There are a range of prizes available from STEAM every week along with our own school prizes and certificates which are presented in assembly.


Written by SMS News
Posted on: 02/05/2018