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The headteacher was delighted to receive the following letter of thanks from the recent Ski Trip coaches in Killington, USA. A full report on the Ski Trip will follow shortly.

Dear Louise Duncan,

I wanted to let you know what a enjoyable experience we had last week...both myself and my other ski coaches were thrilled to see such well behaved students!!!  Your students are among the most polite and respectful kids we have ever coached!

I had the upper ability group and there was somewhat of a split.  Usually when this happens this are several requests within the group to get rid of the slower students.  Not once did this happened.  In fact, the more advanced students cheered on the slower kids!

We had zero lost kids and zero injuries all week.  This is the first school I have managed that this has happened.

The teachers were also helpful. We had a teacher with each group all week.  I can tell you they very much care about their kids.  They helped some of the slower students keep up and also helped with the overall safety of the group.  With the assistance of the teachers, the student's ski experience was definitely maximized!

Here is the list of the teachers:

Gareth Eynon, Lauren Grice, Mandy Savill, Tim Lebihan, Laura Pacey and John Bocking.

Please come back again!


Bob Klemm - Team Leader

Written by SMS News
Posted on: 24/04/2018