Thank you to all the teachers and INTERACT club for attending the visit by Watoto on Wednesday 21st March. What a privilege it was for everyone involved to meet Auntie Prossy, Aunty Mercy, Asia, Caleb, Timothy and Tracy.


It was great for our students to meet 4 incredible children who were so friendly.

The children that came to visit have been orphaned/abandoned through HIV/AIDS or war and conflict, some have even been child soldiers. But they had been noticed and rescued by Watoto. They shared their message of hope, a truly inspiring afternoon.

Our staff and students were captivated by the stories that the children shared about their lives so far. Caleb told us about not knowing either parent, as he was abandoned as a baby and had been looked after by Watoto for 10 years so far, whilst the start of his journey was sad, he is an inspiring little boy filled with hope for his future.  Asia shared with us her experience of Watoto neighbourhood, a part of the charity that tries to give mums in the community a hand up (instead of a hand out) of poverty. They are enabled to learn a skill so that they can eventually start a small business to provide for their children. Watoto support them so that they are able to keep their children. The Watoto children closed the afternoon by signing over us a message of hope.

Their stories were heart-breaking and yet at the same time they were inspiring as they shared their aspirations with us too. Please watch this space as the INTERACT club dream up creative ways by which we can continue to sponsor and support the amazing work of Watoto in Uganda (child sponsorship or supporting the Watoto neighbourhood project). I’m sure there will be ways that the wider school can also be involved.

Here is the link to the website so you can have a little look at what this charity is about!


Written by SMS News
Posted on: 16/04/2018