With the theme for science week 2018 being 'Exploration and Discovery', assemblies were given which informed the pupils about the development and launch of a reusable space rocket, how lambs are being grown in artificial wombs with a view to using this technology to help save premature babies, as well as the discovery of the pistol shrimp which can stun its prey by clicking its claws together with such force the bubble produced reaches the temperature of the Sun!

The week itself was filled with a huge variety of activities – making cheese, nylon and crop marks, dying cloth, identifying elements, dissecting owl pellets and using the Van der Graaf generator – all with an explanation of the importance of that discovery. We were pleased to see so many pupils involved and gave out a special award [as well as a £10 amazon voucher] to Liam Gibbons who attended them all!

Science Week wouldn’t be complete without a competition and this year the entries had to be about recent developments or discoveries. The winners were Balveen Aujla for her presentation on the most interesting new technological development of CRISPR and Emma Betts for the most interesting new discovery of a rose-tinted katydid. Both winners received  £20 amazon voucher.

Photos will be posted shortly.

Written by SMS News
Posted on: 26/03/2018