DownloadOn behalf of Geography Department, we are pleased to say that six Year 7 students helped represent Sunbury Manor School at The Eco-Conference 2018.  This took place at the Spelthorne Council chambers on Tuesday 27th February.

The purpose of the annual conference is to promote a sustainable society and also to unite children from across the borough in an interactive session to enlighten them on environmental issues.  Here are a few snippets of what our students learnt:

"What I learnt at the “Eco Conference” was that 62% of all known species are found in the Amazon. These are a few facts that I wrote down: 16 million plastic bottles are used every day in the UK also, 400,000,000 tonnes of materials get delivered to sites around the UK. 60,000,000 tonnes of that material goes to landfill without being used. The one thing that I didn’t really know was that every day around the world 20,000 children under 12 years old die! I think we could have separate food waste bins because at lunch and break we throw food, plates and plastic cups all in the same bin. We could do this by having meetings and discussing the different ideas that we have to improve the schools Eco System."  By Monica Gouveia-Thankur

"On the day of the Eco Conference I was unsure of what was going to happen, where I was going and what was going to be doing on that trip. Before the trip I knew that the world needed to cut down on waste, but I didn’t know that it was that bad. I also didn’t know that so much food was being wasted every day in the UK. I think it is horrifying that most of the food we buy gets thrown away like it is nothing. Also I think that the whole world needs to wake up and realise that we don’t have enough food for it to be just thrown away." By Guy Flippance

"Eco, what do you think of when that springs to mind?  Do you think of pollution, plastic waste and rising seas?  Well, that’s what we learnt so we could try to stop it, or at least persuade others to.  Humans, as we know, have completely changed the face of our planet, we also waste so much food that instead of feeding ourselves, we could use that unused food to feed the people that don’t have anything at all." By Jess Andrews

It is our hope that our students will be inspired to think up ideas to further promote sustainability in our school and help establish an “Eco-Warriors” group to continue our strive towards a more sustainable school & society.

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Written by SMS News
Posted on: 14/03/2018