It may have been miserable, snowy and freezing outside of school but inside things were warming up nicely for World Book Day on Thursday 1st March.

Many staff donned fancy dress to raise money for this day and they all looked amazing! Students 'volunteered' staff to dress up and appointed them a character, the collection pots filled up at record speed and the total figures raised are:

Dress-up donations: £368.00

Readathon sponsorship: £417.00

The students were kept in high spirits, despite the miserable weather outside, as their laughter was audible every time they saw a staff member in fancy dress.

There was also a Year 7 'World Book Day' Tea Party in the library on Thursday after school and some students asked especially to be photographed with the staff in their costumes. 

How many staff can you identify in the picture below?

(Answers at the bottom of the article)






1.      Mrs Wright – Mary Poppins

2.      Miss Read – Little Red Riding Hood

3.      Mr Woods – Harry Potter

4.      Mr Standing – The BFG

5.      Mr Marshall – Voldemort

6.      Mrs Jackson (Joey – the horse from War Horse)

7.      Mrs Horgan – Cruella De vil

8.      Miss H Batten – Oompa Loompa

9.      Miss B Batten – Oompa Loompa

10.  Mr Shutt – The Mad Hatter

11.  Mr Lebihan – Where’s Wally

12.  Miss Wright – Maleficent

13.  Mr Bocking – Robin Hood

14.  Mr Douglas – Aslan

15.  Miss Buzzacot – Beatrix Lestrange

16.  Miss Cox – Gangsta Granny

17.  Mr Wood – Bilbo Baggins

18.  Miss Grice – Where’s Wally

19.  Miss Rendle – Cinderella

20.  Mrs Wabro – The Hungry Caterpillar

21.  Miss Pal – Pocahontas

22.  Miss Pannu – Queen of Hearts

23.  Miss Savill – Draco Malfoy

24.  Mr Hamilton – Tweedle Dee

25.  Mrs Potkin – The Fairy Godmother

26.  Miss Pacey – Where’s Wally

27.  Miss Reeve – The Cat in the Hat

28.  Miss Roy – Professor Dumbledore

29.  Miss Hunt – Tinkerbell

30.  Mr Sloan – Gandalf

31.  Mr Verbruggen - Sherlock Holmes


Written by SMS News
Posted on: 02/03/2018