Year 8 students took part in the Anti-Crime workshop delivered by the ‘Outside Chance’ agency. The workshop covered an interactive and informative range of topics aimed at exploring the reasons why young people become involved in crime, breaking peer pressure, bullying and antisocial behaviour. The workshop was designed to highlight the consequences, short and long term, of having a criminal record and the impacts this will have on a young person’s future. Students followed case studies and explored the punishments that came with these crimes by taking an in-depth look into the reality of being faced with a prison sentence and the realistic expectations of life after serving time in a young offender’s institution.

Students thoroughly enjoyed playing along in the role-plays and experimenting with tools and equipment the police use to catch criminals.

Outside Chance provided a great opportunity for our Year 8 students as these topics fit perfectly in to the Law and Justice scheme of work they are currently studying.

Here are a couple of comments from the students' involved:

‘I learnt so much today in the anti-crime workshop, I think it is important we understand how serious the consequences of our actions could be, this defiantly reinforced my thought that I never want to break the law and be sentenced to prison’

‘I didn’t know that just by associating with a group where one person is committing a crime it could also land you in prison. I realised today how hard it would be to get a job after serving time in prison.’

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Written by SMS News
Posted on: 26/02/2018