From the 29th January to the 2nd February, we celebrated Maths Week at Sunbury Manor School.

Year 7 students took part in a STEM workshop in the hall, in which they had to design, build and test a bridge made from simple materials. Working together, they had to consider the ecological impact of their designs as well as their structural properties. The students developed their team work, problem solving, evaluative and mathematical skills during this exercise. Selected year 9 and 10 students provided mentorship to the teams throughout the activities, and were greatly appreciated by the students taking part.

The A band winners were 2+2=4-1+3 Quick Maths (Isabel Finn, Daniel Banks, Paige Rendell, Erin Mills and George McElhatton); B band winners were Quick Maths My G featuring Reggie Fear, Ruby Wright, Mitchell Robinson, Cameron Taylor and Sydnie Shaw.

Year 8s tackled the Film Project; a collection of problem solving questions related to their favourite films. From Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, to Shrek 2, to Harry Potter, the mathematical content of the films tried and tested the students’ logic, numerical and analytical skills!

Our year 9 students got stuck in with decorating… designing their own wallpaper from tessellated shapes; problem solving for celebrity clients; and drawing their own dream bedrooms (to scale of course!) all formed part of their functional lessons this week.

Year 10 travelled ‘Around the World’ and took part in the UKMT National Maths Challenge (results to be advised).

During tutor time, students took part in collaborative quizzes and competitions.

Maths week1

Written by SMS News
Posted on: 26/02/2018