From 22nd September to 10th October, Sunbury Manor played host to 14 Spanish students, as they became part of our school community for two and half weeks. They stayed with local families, many with pupils at SMS and in school were ‘buddied up’ with our year 10 students and attended most of their lessons with them. They were also welcomed into some year 11 lessons and now and again helped with KS3 lessons.

The whole group had a great time here and made wonderful friendships along the way. After school each day there was some kind of activity for them, including music, cooking and drama workshops given by Sunbury Manor staff. They had excursions to London (twice) and Brighton, some of which our students also went on, they all had an experience that will stay with them forever. Everyone at school loved having the group with us and the cultural experience was enjoyed by all. We are now very excited for our year 10s who will soon get the chance to go to Spain to do it all again, but this time the other way around!


Written by SMS News
Posted on: 12/10/2017

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