The South East England Award for the Outstanding HLTA of the Year 2016-17

Sunbury Manor is proud to announce that on Friday 6th October, Annette Reeve was awarded The South East England Award for the Outstanding HLTA of the Year 2016-17.  

Annette has worked at Sunbury Manor for 17 years and been a Higher Level Teaching Assistant for 10 of those years.  Annette has always been determined to ensure that every student achieves the very best of which they are capable.  She is not prepared to accept excuses and resolutely finds ways to engage and challenge our young people.  They know that she will insist that they work and she will cajole, nag and encourage to make sure they do.  She has such a determinedly cheerful approach that students find themselves giving in and working, almost without realising that they are doing so.

Annette plays a key role in the whole school life, this year she went on Year 7 camp with over 125 young people and acted as the medical officer for the whole camp. 

Annette faces her own battle with physical disability, which, at times, means she needs to use a wheelchair, but she is resolute in her insistence on working, being totally independent and always cheerful.  This makes her an inspiration to our staff and students, especially those who are also in wheelchairs and can see just how successful someone can be.

Annette gives so much to the school and her department, who all say that they could not possibly cope without her on the team.  The students and Senior Leadership Team agree!

Annette has been invited to the Houses of Parliament on 20th November, along with nine other winners from across the UK, where one will be chosen for the overall national award.

We are all so proud of you Annette and good luck with the final.

Written by SMS News
Posted on: 13/10/2017