More Able

Sunbury Manor School aims to provide a challenging and stimulating learning environment that fulfils the needs, and develops the strengths, of every pupil including those who are either more able or talented.
The school recognises that more able and talented pupils are those pupils who achieve, or have the ability to achieve, at a level significantly in advance of the average for their year group. More able pupils are those who demonstrate a naturally high ability in one or more subjects other than Art and Design, Music, Drama or P.E. Talented pupils are those who demonstrate a particularly high level of ability in one or more of the Creative Arts, Music or P.E.
How are students identified?
Pupils are identified as being more able or talented via school data and teacher nominations. Pupils on the register reflect the top 10% of their school year.
What does this mean for my child?
For the next academic year, your child will remain on the register. The purpose of this is to improve attainment, motivation and self-esteem of more able and talented pupils. This register is updated regularly based on academic and relevant performance. A child can be removed or placed back on the register at any time. This fluidity ensures the school is delivering the gifted and talented programme to the appropriate students at any given time.
How can I support my child?
  • Encourage a variety of interests and activities.
  • Help your child to organise their time.
  • Encourage use of local facilities such as the library.
  • Organise visits to museums, science centres and art galleries.
  • Encourage discussion and debate in the home.
  • Demonstrate pride in achievement.
  • Help your child to discover how fun learning can be.
  • Show sensitivity to your child’s interests.
  • Include your child in family decision-making.
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The Deputy Head of Year has responsibilty for overseeing this area.