Admission Events

Admission Events for September 2021 Entry

Due to current restrictions on the number of people that can meet and social distancing rules, we are unable to offer Year 6 the opportunity to attend our traditional open evening event.  

Please explore the admissions section of our website to get a feel for our school.  Please check back here for a pre-recorded video address from the Headteacher.

We understand that the best way to select a secondary school is to explore the school site, to meet our current students and to talk with our teaching staff.  We will be doing everything possible to try and bring this  experience to you virtually.

On a typical visit to Sunbury Manor you would see;

  • A very inclusive school that serves its community well.
  • A safe, happy and harmonious environment.
  • An effective and committed team of subject specialist teachers and support staff which is passionate about improving the life chances of students.
  • Effective teaching supporting students to make good progress in a wide range of subjects.
  • Polite, respectful, well behaved, smartly dressed students that are keen to learn
  • Excellent facilities, including a new teaching block, new science laboratories and a new purpose built dining room

We are aware that many Year 6 children have taken the opportunity to visit the school last year or have older siblings and therfore know a great deal about the school already.  We hope that this knowledge along with the information on outr webite will enable you to make an informed decison regarding your secondary school preference.

Tours of the school

Due to current restrictions on the number of people that can meet and social distancing rules, we are unable to offer tours at present.  This is so that we are able to protect our student teaching bubbles. 


Admission criteria for 2021

Headteacher's Presentation

School Prospectus

October 2019 Ofsted Report

2019 Examination Results

2020 Examination Results 

Normally at this time we would share with you school performance data, including pass rates and subject performance measures. This year however The Spelthorne Secondary Schools are in agreement that due to the unusual circumstances it is not the right time for us to share this data and our combined focus should be on the community of young people we serve.

"This is a happy and welcoming school.  Pupils, staff and parents agree that it feels like belonging to an extended family.  Pupils are safe, well cared for and valued.  The Headteacher and other staff are always there for pupil or parents to talk to"  

Ofsted October 2019

What can we offer your child?

Visitors to Sunbury Manor frequently comment on the warm, calm, caring, studious atmosphere, the excellent relationships amongst all members of the school community and the clear enthusiasm our students have for their work and all aspects of school life.

Highlights from our full Ofsted report in March this year, that will help you get a feel for the atmosphere, curriculum and ethos of the school were:

  • This is a very inclusive school that serves its community well.
  • The school is a safe, happy and harmonious environment.
  • An effective and committed team which is passionate about improving the life chances of pupils at Sunbury Manor School.
  • Effective teaching continues to support pupils making good progress in a wide range of subjects.
  • Behaviour around the school is good, with calm and orderly movement between classes and at breaktimes. Pupils are respectful of their environment with very little litter or damage seen in the buildings. Pupils are polite and helpful to visitors, holding doors open for them. ·Attendance is above average.

The Headteacher and Leadership Team of the school are supported by a staff of fully qualified specialists and the school has a very low staff turnover.   We know that continuity and stability are key elements in ensuring that young people are able to succeed at school and they most certainly do enjoy success at Sunbury Manor.  The combination of old fashioned discipline, warmth, caring, good teaching and the widest possible range of opportunities for all young people ensures that students of all abilities achieve their potential with us.   This is why a significant number of staff, including the Headteacher, have chosen Sunbury Manor for the secondary education of their children.

The school benefits from excellent facilities on a large site with extensive playing fields. Our IT facilities are accessible to all students from home.  We use an online system for parents called “Insight”, and through this parents are able to look at their child’s attendance, behaviour and attainment day by day, email teachers, book appointments with teachers and even see what they are eating in the canteen!  We teach the separate Sciences, Chemistry, Physics and Biology throughout all five years.

Extra-curricular activities give students the chance to take part in a very wide range of activities, including the chance to train as ball boys and girls at Wimbledon.   Sunbury Manor is a very successful school in local sporting competitions. The Physical Education department offers students of all abilities a wide range of enrichment opportunities. 

We showcase the talents of our musical and drama students in successful performances and we offer a huge range of trips within the UK and internationally.   

We celebrate success at Sunbury Manor and delight in the examination results achieved by our students and in their triumphs in all aspects of school life, and you will find lots of success stories on our website.   We know that students of all abilities make good progress at Sunbury Manor and one parent recently commented “Thank you for creating an environment where my boys are thriving and look forward to coming to SMS every day!” (Year 9 Parent quote)