Vision, Ethos & Values

We are extremely proud to be a happy, successful and highly inclusive school. Our relentless commitment to inclusion underpins everything we do and is not simply words and policies. We are proud that our school is, as a visiting parent described it,

welcoming and nurturing whilst stretching, providing a learning ethic of a very high standard.

We strive to be the source of security, support and challenge for our students. The calm, work- focused, good humoured environment for which we work at all times ensures that students from the widest range of abilities are able to achieve to the full. We strive to provide the very best teaching at all times as we know that this is the key factor in ensuring success at school.

We provide outstanding care to our students, by understanding and working to remove any barriers to success, enabling all of our students to attend, achieve, be happy and succeed. We prepare them for the next step and beyond, by raising aspirations for them and their families, providing relentless support and the challenge to achieve the best results of which they are capable.