September 2024 - New Student Data Form & Information for Parents

This webpage is for the Parents/Guardians of children that have been offered and accepted a place at Sunbury Manor School

New Student Data Form

Thank you for completing the online New Student Information Form.  This form will ask you for the information we require to register your child on our school system and will ask you to agree to various school policies and for us to obtain parental consent where required.  If you have not yet completed it please use the following link.  It should only take around 10 minutes to complete.


New Student Data Form

Supporting Documents:

Year 7 Information Booklet 

Student Code of Conduct

Acceptable use of the Internet

Biometric Data

Photographic Images of your child

School Trips & Off Site activities

Privacy Policy

Emergency School Closure

Student Internet Access

Home School Agreement

If at any time before September 2023 you are offered and accept a place at another local secondary school please email the Admissions Officer on to let me know which school your child will be attending in September and to enable our Admissions Officer to offer the space to another child on our waiting list.

In the meantime if you have any questions you would like to ask regarding your child’s transition to Sunbury Manor please contact our Admissions Officer by emailing

Monday 4th September 2023

We are very much looking forward to welcoming your son/daughter to Sunbury Manor School on their first day. There are, naturally, certain organisational details that it is important you are aware of. 


Please send your child straight to us ensuring he/she arrives at Sunbury Manor from 8:15am and no later than 8.25am and joins his/her new classmates in Hall A which is situated just inside the main student reception area of the school. Here they will be placed in their new tutor groups.  

The school/leisure centre car park is managed by Parking Eye and monitored by ANPR  cameras.  Please do not drive on to the school site to drop off or collect your child.  Parking Eye will issue a £100 Parking Charge Notice for any unauthorised parking.  



  • If for any reason, a student is late in arriving, then he/she should simply report to the student reception and ask for help. 
  • If your child is unwell and unable to attend then please call 01932 766097 and speak to our Attendance Officer.

Your help in this respect should save us a great deal of trouble.


We expect pupils to turn up in Sunbury Manor School uniform. Branded items can be ordered at SANCO, details of how to do this are on the Sunbury Manor School website. If you have any problems ordering uniform please do not hesitate to contact the school and we will endeavour to help.


Please ensure you son/daughter has correct school equipment. A video which describes all of the equipment required is on our website. Again, please let us know if you cannot source any of the equipment and we will endeavour to help. No books or craft equipment of any kind will be needed. For one of the tutor activities we would ask your child to bring in a small photo of themselves and the ‘all about me’ sheet that is in the induction challenges. If they have completed any of the other challenges please get them to bring these in too.


In the interests of supervision and safety ALL pupils stay on site during the lunch break.   Meals, hot and cold, will be available for purchase in the main dining area.  Our catering is a cashless cafeteria-style i.e. pupils may choose whatever they wish to eat.  Otherwise, pupils could bring sandwiches if they wish to do so.  You will receive an email during late August with details to enable you to set up an account for Wisepay where you can then credit your child’s lunch account using a debit or credit card.  A typical daily spend is between £2.40 - £3.50.

If your child is in receipt of the free school meal allowance at their primary school this will automatically be carried forward to our school and you will receive a letter shortly detailing how this allowance works.  If you are unsure if your child is eligible for this allowance then please contact and we will be able to help you.


Students will come out of school at 3:00pm, just ahead of the other students.  We realise you will be anxious to greet your child at the end of the day but would ask that you wait for them at an agreed location off site or on the school site near the main pedestrian entrance. A waiting area will be signposted.  To avoid congestion please do not gather at the school gates.  

Finally, we are very much looking forward to welcoming your son/daughter to Sunbury Manor School in September. We will ensure that their start to secondary school is a positive one, despite the circumstances and in the meantime, I hope that they have a restful summer holiday.