COVID-19 Reopening March 2021

Return dates

All students do not return to school on the 8th March. The return is staggered so that all secondary students take 3 COVID tests as they return to school from the 8th March. We will have to test up to 450 young people a day over the two weeks from 8th March.

Students have to have one negative test before they return. The other two tests will be done in school. The gap between the tests must be no less than 3 days and no more than 5 days. After those 3 in school tests, families will be provided with tests to carry out at home twice a week. Further details on this home testing will follow.

The table below show the date of the first test for each year group and the date students in that year group should return to school.

Year Group First Test Date Return to school date
Year 11 Monday 8th March Tuesday 9th March
Year 10 Tuesday 9th March Wednesday 10th March
Year 7 & 8 Wednesday 10th March Thursday 11th March
Year 9 Thursday 11th March Friday 12th March


We know that young people may be nervous about doing the tests. We have been doing them with all staff and those students who have been in school since January and everyone has managed to do them. It may help to reassure students that they are testing themselves, it is not done by anyone else but there will be members of staff there to help and support them. Even our most nervous staff and students have managed to do the tests with no problems.

Students will be expected to carry on logging in to Show My Home Work and engaging with remote learning until their specific date of return.

Times of testing

By the middle of next week, this page on the website which will show at what time each tutor group should come to school for their testing. We will also text alert parents. Students should only come to school on the testing day at the time given for their test. They will have to leave school straight after their test. The results will come to the mobile number of the parent.

I am grateful that so many of you have already completed the consent form for the testing. Staff will make phone calls over the next couple of days to any family where the form has not been completed.

Students must not come to school before the time for their test and must leave school and go straight home after the test. Parents will not be able to drive onto the school or leisure centre site to drop students off for their test. It is really important that they do not hang out in the local community on the day of the testing and when they return to school.  Getting schools back is the first step in opening up everything and it is vitally important that students stick to the stay at home rules when they are not in school. We cannot control what happens when students leave the school site and really need your help in making sure that our young people go home after school.

Key worker school

From the week of the 8th March we will not be able to provide a school place for key worker children or others who have been attending school during this period of lockdown.

Routines on return

It is really important that we do not give our young people the idea that the Lateral Flow Tests are as silver bullet which mean that they do not have COVID and do not need to follow all of the other safety rules.

The tests only pick up those with very high viral loads and are only as up to date as the minute at which we take a test. The tests may pick up those who have the virus and are asymptomatic but they do not keep us safe.

Following the usual safety rules of distancing, hand washing and sanitising, the bubbles arrangements in school and face coverings are what will keep them safe.

The start and end times to the school day, the gates by which the students enter and the bubble system in school will remain exactly the same as in September. It is extremely important that students do not arrive at school and congregate outside school or in the local community before their start time.

Year 7 Main school gate on Nursery Road 8.15 to 8.30 8.15 to 8.30
Year 8 Gate nearest the shops on Nursery Road 8.15 to 8.30
Year 9 Beverley Road gate 8.15 to 8.30
Year 10 Gate nearest the shops on Nursery Road 8.30 to 8.50
Year 11 Beverley Road gate 8.30 to 8.50


Break and lunch times will remain staggered as they were from September and student timetables will remain the same. Students will leave by the same gates at the staggered end times. Students should attend school in full uniform.

Students will leave by the same gates at the staggered end times.

Students should attend school in full uniform.

Face coverings

Students and staff will be expected to wear face coverings at all times when in the building, including in lessons, in classrooms. It is not possible to maintain social distancing of 2 metres in any of our classrooms, corridors, dining rooms and toilet. This will be in place until at least Easter. This is a direction from the Department for Education.

Students will be expected to wear face coverings when in the dining rooms, unless they are eating and drinking.

Students will not be expected to wear face coverings for PE lessons.

Before and after school clubs

There will be no before and after school clubs at this time as it is impossible to run these clubs whilst maintaining the bubble system. I know these are worrying times for you as your young people return to school but it will be lovely to have them back in school.