COVID-19 Attendance Policy Addendum


Addendum to Attendance Policy due to COVID- 19 – National lockdown January 2021

The aim of the addendum to our Attendance Policy is to inform all stakeholders of the key changes to promote a positive and safe learning environment at Sunbury Manor School during the recent lockdown announcement made by the Prime Minister on Monday 4th January 2021. The welfare, health and safety of our pupils and staff is a key priority while they are attending the school.

In these very difficult and unprecedented times, attendance is still at the heart of our policy and practice. We fully recognise the contribution it can make to protect and support both pupils and staff amid the Coronavirus epidemic. The prevalence of coronavirus (COVID-19) was decreasing in the latter part of last year, the NHS Test and Trace system is up and running and we are very clear about the measures that need to be in place to create a safer environment for all pupils and staff. More importantly, the coronavirus vaccine is now available and is safe and effective. It will give us all the best protection when it becomes available to all.

Although attendance was mandatory from the start of the autumn term 2020, there are some circumstances where pupils cannot attend school due to coronavirus (COVID-19) and the recent lockdown announcement.

At Sunbury Manor School, despite the current challenges we face, it is still our policy to continue with our high standards and expectations of all pupils relating to attendance, take our pupils’ health and welfare seriously, and to act in accordance with our attendance policy to keep pupils safe.

All pupils returned to school full- time from the beginning of the autumn term in September. However, due to the current lockdown, our school is only open to a number of students who are eligible. All other students will continue their learning remotely.


Parents/ Carers of all pupils who are eligible and are due to attend school during this recent lockdown, must contact us immediately if your child is unable to attend on any day: (Tel: 01932 784258) In the event that you are unable to speak with a member of the office team, a message should be left on the school’s answering machine.

Parents who have failed to provide a reason for absence will be contacted by the school by text message to establish the reason for absence and so that we can enter the appropriate mark accordingly. If there is no response to the text message, a member of staff will attempt to phone and email home to make contact.

Sunbury Manor School is required by the Department for Education, to report all attendance and absences each day by 2.00 pm during the COVID-19 pandemic.            

Attendance and attendance codes

Pupils not attending a session who meet the criteria for ‘not attending in circumstances related to coronavirus (COVID-19)’ will be recorded using code X. We will continue to use code X for noncompulsory school-aged pupils who are not expected to attend a session, as they did before the outbreak. This new category of non-attendance will not count as an absence (authorised or unauthorised) for statistical purposes.

As our most vulnerable children are still expected to attend school full time, they will not be marked as Code X if they are not in school (except if they are shielding, self-isolating or quarantining). If the parent/ carer of a vulnerable or keyworker child wishes their child to be absent from school, the parent should let the school know that the pupil will not be attending. This will be recorded as a ‘C’ code (leave of absence authorised by the school- exceptional circumstances).

Remote education

If a pupil is not attending due to circumstances related to coronavirus (COVID-19), we will immediately offer access to remote learning.  Please see the school website COVID 19 Information page for details under COVID 19 Remote Education Information for Parents.

Legal Action

All pupils who are not expected to be in school will be marked as code X. They are not attending because they are following public  health advice. Your child WILL NOT be penalised for non-attendance at this time.