Christmas Concert

On the very cold evening of Wednesday 14th December, Sunbury Manor held their festive Christmas Concert.  It was an extravaganza of music and Christmas joy - just what we all needed after such a busy term and a delightful way to end 2022.  Our many parent /carer guests were treated to wonderful solos and group performances and even an incredible rendition of Jingle Bells on the Djembe Drums.  The SMS staff choir could not let the students have all the fun and joined them singing ‘Candlelight  Carol’ and ‘We Wish you a Merry Christmas’ - they also gave us a very comical version of ‘The Twelve days of Christmas.’  Well done to those pupils who baked amazing biscuits for our audience too. It was a brilliant evening – thank you to everyone who joined us celebrate.

A huge well done to all the students who were all brilliant and have worked so hard rehearing for weeks and weeks:

SMS Choir: George Leach, Maisie Gregory, Layla Galletly-Parfitt, Adishri Banerjee, Kserr Bhal-Miller, Summer Groves, Sterling Patterson, Lily Stephens & Alecia Dwarka.

Solo Performers: Indy Welstead, Jason Aung, Molly Clark, Abigail Karanja, Lisa Fernandes, Khenza Yazid & Sophie Tedder.

African Drumming Band: Summer Groves, Alecia Dwarka, Alice Skelley, Daniel Page & Adishri Banerjee.

Scratch Band: Alecia Dwarka, Caio Escodino, Alfie Stark & Adishri Banerjee.

Staff Choir: Jo Barrett, Hannah Read, Liz White, Louissa Osorio, Hannah Bishop, Raf Verbruggen, Chris Sloan, Regina Benevente, Charlotte Johnston, Lucy Ralph & Alice Park.

Sound - Pedro Jesus.

Bakers: Chelsea Dalton, Layla Galletly-Parfitt, Molly Pallant, Devon Ellis, Lily Casserley, Ruby Fraser, Kielen McGonigle, Royce Kamba, Layla Cain, Thea Mears & Sterling Patterson.

A special thanks to these staff members for making this special evening possible: Chloe Yangopoulos, Hannah Bishop, Louissa Osorio, Rosie Back, Hannah Read, Amanda Sutton & The Site Team.

Concert 3


Posted on: 16/12/2022