Hidden by Peer Productions

On 16th March, our Year 9 students had the opportunity to see the production of ‘Hidden’ which is a play designed to support the Life Skills curriculum.

Hidden tells the story of three teenagers who meet at a music festival. They go to different schools, have different friendship groups and have led very different lives. However, they all have the same problem - they use self-harm as a way to cope with their feelings.   This 80-minute drama tackles a range of important mental health issues which now affect 1 in 3 young people. Hidden has been developed in consultation with clinicians, those who have recovered from self-harm and leading charities in the field. The play aims to explain what self-harm is and what can trigger people to self-harm, eradicate  some myths around the subject, provide healthier alternative ways to handle emotions, enable young people to be a good friend to someone who may be experiencing such issues and get appropriate help for themselves or a friend who are experiencing mental health problems.

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Posted on: 01/04/2022