The December STEM challenge was all about making your own wrapping paper and seeing if it is cost effective. Jay Mears, Year 7, created a great series of pictures to show his entry and he also formed this excellent conclusion:

“Although the wrapping paper was fun to make, it is more expensive than the shop- bought wrapping paper at 50p per m2 compared to the home-made wrapping paper at £3.90 per m2. Even though the homemade was more expensive I could’ve made a lot more pieces of wrapping paper with the amount of colour mixture I had.  This suggests that making my own is ok, but not the best for money in value, although, they’re both easy to wrap with. From this experiment I’ve learnt that buying it from the shops is quicker than making it yourself. Overall, this was a really fun experience and making the patterns of the wrapping paper was probably my favourite part. If I had to choose which one I would wrap with for presents, it would be shop bought wrapping paper”

I am sure you will agree that Jay was a worthy winner of December’s challenge.  Jay’s prize was an Engineering Academy Marble Run, which meant once he had built a two-story marble run using the provided resources, he could then carry out a series of experiments to test it out.


Posted on: 26/02/2021