On Wednesday 20th November, eight Year 10 students visited Esher College to participate in a Biology Masterclass. This was the first time the students had visited the College so it was a great opportunity to see first-hand what college life is like and help them make a more informed decision about their post-16 option choices.  

During the class, students solved a crime using DNA technology. They also got to meet current Esher students and chatted to them about their experience of studying A-Level Biology and found out about biology-related careers. 

"I learnt you have you have 23 chromosomes and think that DNA is really fascinating as you can use it to catch a criminal". 

"This experience helped me as I really want to go to Esher and take Engineering".

“I learnt how to use different pieces of technology, what courses are available and what happens during Chemistry and Biology in college”.

“The trip helped me because it showed me the different choices that are available to me after Sunbury Manor School”.

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Posted on: 06/01/2020