With a new Interact year kicking in, it was time for our President (Farrah Dutton) and Vice President (James Fraser) to step down and hand their responsibilities over to this year’s new Interact President, Mia Baker and Vice President, Joseph Caines.

As soon as I heard about the Interact Club, I knew it was a club I wanted to join. Since the first time Miss Batten walked into our assembly and told us about all the opportunities there would be to help in our community, after watching a video about the Interact Club’s achievements and seeing everyone have such a great time whilst helping the community, this seemed like such a rewarding experience. Not everyone is living with the best circumstances and I feel if there is anything I can do to improve their situation I will do it.” (Mia Baker – President 2019)

“I wanted to be the Interact Club’s Vice President so I could make a difference to the school and our local community. I feel very strongly about the welfare of the community such as the elderly which is why I went for the role. Additionally, I get a glowing feeling when I see someone’s face light up after I have done something to help them. It is even better that I am the Vice President so I can help decide the plans and finalise the ideas.  I am very thankful that I have been chosen for this important role.” (Joseph Caines – Vice President 2019)

Thank you to Farrah and James for their hard work last year and good luck to Mia and Joseph on a successful year ahead!

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Posted on: 01/02/2019