From 10th to 18th October, SMS took part in the Vocab Express League of Champions.  This is a vocab learning competition mostly involving UK schools but is also open to schools from around the world.  Over the week, a quarter of the students in the school contributed in some shape or form and competition really got going to be in the top 25 in the school to be crowned a ‘School Genius.’  There were some huge scores accumulated with students getting involved before school, during break and lunchtimes, after school and in a small number of lessons.  As a school, we did incredibly well and came 3rd in the Spanish Cup – meaning we had the third highest score for Spanish in the whole competition.  Individually there were also some big achievements with Jake Whittington (yr11) coming 24th and Nada Koulaouzos (yr9) coming 30th in the individual competition!

Well done to everyone who took part – you have helped the school achieve something very special.  The winners in each year group are as follows:

Year 7 – Shahed Mohammadi (10,980 points)
Year 8 – Maddie Wells (15,350 points)
Year 9 – Nada Koulaouzos (21,875 points)
Year 10 – Corinne Anstey (6,290 points)
Year 11 – Jake Whittington (26,780 points)

Students will be receiving their certificates and prizes shortly.

Posted on: 09/11/2018