Kwasi Kwarteng, the local MP, and the Mayor of Spelthorne, Cllr Vivienne Leighton, met with year 11 students from Local schools to put them through their paces in a 'House of Commons style' Parliament debate run by the Spelthorne Council and Parliament members. The event is aimed at engaging young people from across the county with how Parliament works and the role of the members. It was a great opportunity to generate discussions and debates about democracy in the UK, particularly in groups of people who are disengaged from politics.

Romilly Crockett said: ‘The Parliament event was eye-opening as to how the country is run and how decisions are made within our government. The debate itself was interesting and lively, I felt as if everyone was respectful and mindful of each others opinions, which made the debate very enjoyable. We are all aware of CCTV, however discussing it in a professional and detailed way highlighted the pros and cons of having CCTV within our communities. Overall, the experience was a positive one and one that I would like to repeat’. 


Written by SMS News
Posted on: 08/12/2017