MPR Mrs Michelle Prentice Headteacher  6040*
ACO Mr Allan Cottle Deputy Headteacher   6088*
JTW Ms Jo Tweed Deputy Headteacher   6087*
MWO Rev Michaela Wood Deputy Headteacher   6092*
GEY Mr Gareth Eynon Assistant Headteacher  6055*
CJO Mrs Charlie Johnston Assistant Headteacher  6051*
MNE Mr Mike Neal Assistant Headteacher  6042*


NCA Ms Nicola Cawte Head of Art & Photography  6067
FHA Miss Francesca Harris Teacher of Art, Design & Technology 6170
EST Mr Eric Standing Teacher of Art & English 6127
NVI Mrs  Noelia Violante Creative Arts Technician 6128


MBE Mr Martin Beyle Head of Business Studies   6085


JFE Ms Jayne Fenton-Hall Head of IT & Computing 6068
ZYO Mrs Zoe Young Teacher of Computing  6141


BBA Miss Brikitta Batten Head of Citizenship (Maternity Leave) 6086
JID Mrs Jo Iddon Head of Year 8 & Teacher of Citizenship & Life Skills 6050


HRE Miss Hannah Read Head of Creative Arts (Resp. for Drama) & ECT Induction Coordinator  6079
SDH Miss Scarlet Dhariwal Teacher of Drama  6107


SWR Mrs Sherryl Wright Head of English  6061
TDA Mr Tom Daines Deputy Head of English & School Literacy Co-ordinator 6174
LEY Mrs Louisa Eynon Teacher of English & Transition Coordinator 6139
WGR Miss Wendy Gray Teacher of English & Deputy Head of Year 11 6111
SHA Miss Shannon Hayes Teacher of English & Deputy Head of Year 9 6118
KHO Mrs Karen Horgan Teacher of English  6103
HJA Mrs Helen Jackson Teacher of English  6162
EST Mr Eric Standing Teacher of English  6127
JWO Mr James Woods Head of Year 11 & Teacher of English 6069*


DGR Mr Damian Gray Head of Geography 6094
PDL Mr Paulo De Lima Teacher of Geography (Maternity Cover) 6149
RAV Mr Raf Verbruggen  Deputy Head of Year 8 & Teacher of Geography i/c Life Skills/PSHE 6104
RVI Mrs Ranjit Virdee (Maternity Leave) 6168


MSH Mr Mark Shutt Head of Humanities (Resp. for History) 6081
TGA Mr Tom Gayton Teacher of History 6171
JPG Ms Jo Page Deputy Head of Year 10 & Teacher of History 6122


ABI Mrs Amanda Bianchi Head of Mathematics 6064
NAH Mrs  Nazia Ahmed Teacher of Mathematics 6117
GCA Miss Gina Casey Teacher of Mathematics 6163
CDU Mrs Clare Dunning Teacher of Mathematics 6173
BED Mr Bassel El Deiry Teacher of Mathematics 6135
BJO Mrs Barbara Joubert Teacher of Mathematics 6119
GVU Mrs Grazia Vurro Teacher of Mathematics 6106


GDO Mr Graham Douglas Head of MFL with responsibility for EAL 6082
MLO Mrs Marias Lorde Teacher of Spanish 6125
LOS Miss Louissa Osorio Teacher of Spanish 6151
KWH Miss Katherine White Teacher of Spanish 6130


CYA Ms Chloe Yangopoulos Head of Music  6095


ZKE Mrs Zoe Keith Head of PE with responsibility for Enrichment 6071
JBO Mr John Bocking Head of Year 7, Teacher of P.E. & History 6072*
LGR Miss Lauren Grice Head of Year 10 & Teacher of P.E. 6070*
TLE Mr Tim Lebihan Head of Year 9 & Teacher of P.E. 6052*
THM Mr Tom Maskery Teacher of PE & Life Skills 6165
LPA Miss Laura Pacey Careers Leader & Teacher of P.E. 6049
JPR Mr Jarad Parcel Deputy Head of Year 7, Teacher of PE & Biology 6109


CSL Mr Christopher Sloan Head of R.E. 6096
LMR Miss Louise Morris Teacher of R.E. 6137


DME Mr Dave Mellows Head of Science Faculty 6065
MAB Mr Mahamed Abukar Head of Chemistry 6144
RKE Mr Russell Keith Head of Physics 6115
LHO Miss Linda Homewood Head of Biology 6116
RCA Miss Rachel Campbell Teacher of Biology 6126
MDE Mr  Mathew Demmer Teacher of Chemistry & Physics 6150
DIS Mrs Daisy Isa Teacher of Chemistry & Physics 6102
KAU Mrs Kulwinder Aujla Senior Science Technician 6014
MRB Mr Rasheed Bhatti Senior Science Technician 6015
GKA Mrs Gayathree Kallath Junior Science Technician 6014
YSH Mrs Yasmeen Shaik Science Technician 6014


ABR Miss Amanda Brittney Head of Technology  6084
JNA Mr Jerry Naicker Deputy Head of Technology 6132
ABO Miss Angela Bown Teacher with responsibility for Child Development  6169
CHU Miss Clare Hunt Teacher of Food & Nutrition 6147
GLI Miss Gemma   Lineham Teacher of Design & Technology 6172
CWA Miss Chloe Walker Teacher of Design & Technology 6136
TSH Mr  Tony Shaw Design & Technology Technician 6167


JKE Mrs Justine Wilkes-Kendall Cover Supervisor/Teacher 6164
STB Mrs Sally Tate-Burd Cover Supervisor/Teacher 6140


ACL Ms Alexa Clarke SENDCO 6056
ABY Miss Alison Boyd Graduate Teaching Assistant 6181
TAM Mrs Tracy Amner Learning Support Assistant  6146
JCA Mr Josh Camis Learning Support Assistant 6113
KCO Mrs Katherine Cowling Learning Support Teacher 6110
SFO Mrs Susan Ford Learning Support Assistant 6142
JGI Mr Joseph Gibbs Learning Support Assistant 6153
RGI Miss Roanna Gibson Speech & Language Assistant  
GLA Mrs Gemma Lazell Learning Support Assistant 6112
LMA Mrs Lauren Magill SEND Administrator 6057*
ARM Ms Antonella Mills Learning Support Assistant 6166
GMC Mr George McKillop Graduate Learning Support Assistant 6120
SMO Miss Sharon Morgan Higher Level Teaching Assistant 6177
LOR Miss Lauren Orkney Learning Support Assistant 6131
LHA Mrs Linda Paige Higher Level Teaching Assistant  6105
APA Miss Alice Park Higher Level Teaching Assistant 6143
EPI Ms Liz Pinner SEND Behaviour Support 6133
CAT Mrs Caroline Tagg Learning Support Assistant 6145
EWH Mrs Elizabeth White Learning Support Teacher 6175
HWH Mrs Hilary Whitley Learning Support Assistant 6129
MWH Mr Michael Whitley Learning Support Assistant 6121


HHA Mrs Hannah Harris Safeguarding & Wellbeing Manager & DDSL 6045*
CBR Miss Clare Bryant Pastoral Support Worker 6138
DGA Mrs Deborah Gardner Safeguarding & Wellbeing Officer & DDSL 6046*
KHA Mrs Karen Handley Pastoral Support Worker 6114
KH1 Mrs Karen Howard Pastoral Support Worker 6148
SKM Mrs Suzanna Kemp Wellbeing Assistant - Student Reception 6178
YMU Miss Yasmin Musk Attendance Officer 6097
BNE Mrs Brenda Newton Behaviour Officer & DDSL 6080*


JLB Mrs Jo Barrett P.A. to Headteacher 6043*
JBY Mrs Julie Boyle Receptionist (Afternoon) 6020*
SBL Mrs  Susan Block  Admin/Reprographics Assistant 6026*
LCA Mrs Lisa Cannon Human Resources & Payroll Manager 6062*
ALC Mrs Amanda Cole P.A. to the Leadership Team 6047*
CCR Mrs Chiara Crichard Clerk to Governors 6090*
AHA Mrs Anne-Marie Hamlet SIMS Admin Manager/Admissions Officer 6075*
SKE Mrs Sam Keefe Senior Finance Manager 6073*
LCM Ms  Lesley  Morris  Examinations Assistant 6063*
TMO Mrs Tara Morrish Examinations Manager  6093*
DSP Mrs Dee Spennewyn Finance Manager 6074*
PAT Mrs Tricia Tayler Receptionist (Morning) 6020*
HJW Mrs Heather Watkins LRC Manager 6076*


JDU Mr Jonno Dudley IT Network Manager 6054*
JFR Mr Jack Frith IT Technician 6077*
DMA Mr Dan Mays IT Technician  6078*


THO Mr Terry Howard Site Manager 6058*
BCH Mr Bipin Chauhan Site Assistant 6101
PJE Mr Pedro Jesus Site Assistant 6060*
RSU Mr Robert Sullivan Deputy Site Manager 6059*