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I hope the website will provide answers to any questions you have about the school and that it gives you a real flavour of all the positive things that go together to make up Sunbury Manor School.
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Meet Our Students

Tiago - Head Boy

In January 2012, my family and I moved house, from central London to Sunbury. At this time, I was in year 6 and joined Springfield Primary School. This period of my life was quite unsettling because I had the pressure of preparing for my SATs, in July, coupled with the daunting prospect of moving into secondary school in September. However, during my two Sunbury Manor induction days, I was given the chance to see what life was like in “big school”. I was warmly welcomed by the teachers and immediately felt a reassuring sense of belonging and excitement after seeing what Sunbury Manor had on offer for me that autumn. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Sunbury Manor and over the last five years, not only have I learnt how to be a mature, responsible student, but I have also developed vital skills for life such as effective communication, both in a team and when speaking publicly. Adding to this excellent learning environment is the outstanding body of teachers who work tirelessly behind the scenes to make Sunbury Manor run smoothly and push students to achieve their full potential. This is evident through the GCSE results of recent years which have been the highest Sunbury Manor has ever had. Last year I also had the opportunity to be a Year 9 mentor for the Year 6s, an assignment I had desired to fulfil ever since I joined this school and was made to feel so welcome. From my experience, I learnt how to establish common ground with the younger years, a skill crucial to being an effective Head Boy. Moreover, there are other amazing opportunities that Sunbury Manor has on offer for students; these include the chance to become a Wimbledon Ball Boy or Girl, and the opportunity to take part in the Duke of Edinburgh Award. Due to the extensive extra-curricular activities available at Sunbury Manor, there are always plenty of different ways students can get involved in what interests them and form lasting friendships with others. What’s more, Sunbury Manor holds an annual music competition called ‘Last Musician Standing’, giving students who have a passion for music the chance to perform in front of an audience and a panel of judges, with great prizes for the winners. Sunbury Manor’s creative arts department also organises various different drama productions such as ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ in which all participating students have lots of fun. I am very grateful to be Head Boy of this school and will endeavour to continue to be a role model student and a positive influence on the school as I carry out my duties and encourage other fellow students to ‘Attend, Achieve, Be Happy and Succeed’.

Tanaka - Head Girl

When I was at Springfield Primary School, I was adamant on coming to Sunbury Manor because I constantly heard stories about the opportunities that students had. It seems that there are only so few experiences we as children can gain, however Sunbury Manor opposes this idea and never stops giving to the students. Sunbury Manor has given me memorable experiences like Youth Speaks, which has allowed me to express myself vocally to an audience. Youth Speaks also gave me the confidence to become Head Girl, as it gave me the faith that I have the ability express myself using only my voice. I had also been selected for trials within our school for being a Wimbledon Ball Girl and many other students will receive this opportunity. These experiences and opportunities that are generously given to us begin from the first year at Sunbury Manor, and are moments that, I’m sure every student can agree, they will remember forever. It’s difficult to choose a key moment that defines my wonderful time here as there are far too many, but I can assure you that there is no shortage of opportunities as every child will have multiple choices that will appeal to them. Whether you are an artistic, academic, athletic or a sociable character, there is something for you. Sunbury Manor encourages all students to take part in extracurricular activities because they know how beneficial they can be. I had the opportunity to partake in the netball team, but there are various other athletic opportunities like the football team, rounders, basketball, indoor rowing, district sports etc. I was involved with the school play as Sunbury Manor gave me the chance to experience acting, as well as seeing performances in theatres. Clearly you can see why I was so adamant on coming to Sunbury Manor, as they supported me educationally and allowed me to explore my creativity through competitions like the Young Writers. During my time here at Sunbury Manor, I have learnt lessons that I will treasure. These lessons go beyond academic work as the encouraging staff and welcoming environment taught me to always be kind hearted, strong-minded and aim to always be a better version of myself. No matter what circumstance, Sunbury Manor has taught me to persevere and stay resilient. These skills I can carry with me when I move on to further education, which I am thankful that I have preparation for due to Sunbury Manor’s supportive staff. I am honoured to be Head Girl at Sunbury Manor for numerous reasons, but just being known as a Sunbury Manor student gives me a sense of pride. I cannot express my appreciation to school for allowing me to experience an unforgettable journey, where I have found myself, found who I want to be, and what I want to be.

Megan (Year 7)

My name is Megan and I would like to tell you about my experience as a year 7 pupil at Sunbury Manor. Before I came to my induction days, I was extremely nervous, because secondary school is a big change from primary school, but as soon as I entered the Sunbury Manor doors, I felt welcomed and at home. The staff and the teachers were kind and friendly and the older students were helpful and supportive. So far in my secondary school life, I have had many classes at Sunbury Manor and I feel that they were well planned, informative and executed with care. In addition to that, the homework is explained carefully and in a way that the children will understand (by the way, there’s a lot more homework though!) Another worrying fact for a child moving to secondary school, is travelling around the building. Well, when you are at Sunbury Manor, you don’t have to worry about that! There are signs everywhere, which clearly show you where all of the classrooms are. I have school dinners. The food here at Sunbury Manor is a mix of delicious and nutritious and I look forward to choosing a new meal on a daily basis. Overall, Sunbury Manor is an amazing and inspirational school and I look forward to the rest of my 5 years here.

Fred (Year 7)

Sunbury Manor has changed my life for the good. Everybody has helped. No matter where you are, there are always hundreds of people happy to help. All my lessons; I can’t have enjoyed more. All the students have been as proud of their school as I am to be here. The staff have been as kind as possible and have made it impossible to not like this school. Thank you Sunbury Manor…can’t wait for the next 5 years!