September 2020 - New Student Induction Information

This webpage is for the Parents/Guardians of children in Year 6 that have been offered and accepted a place at Sunbury Manor School

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Following our letter confirming your Year 6 child’s place at Sunbury Manor School, I am writing to say that we are looking forward to welcoming all our new Year 7 students in September 2020. However, given the many challenges presented by the Covid-19 outbreak, we anticipate that we have adapted our normal Year 6 into 7 induction procedures.  As you know, Sunbury Manor School is currently closed, but please be reassured that members of both the Year 7 Team and the Admissions Team are working together to ensure that we give your child the very best start to their secondary school life. 

Please encourage your child to attempt the Transition Challenge and watch the short videos on this page.

Important Information regarding Year 6 Induction Days

BBC School Survival Guide

Meet the Year 7 Team - Question & Answer Session

Meet the Heads of Department

School Tour


School Uniform

School Uniform Information

Book Your Fitting Appointment at Sanco, Bell Road, Hounslow

You are strongly advised to book your fitting appointment in June and July as the store is adhering to Covid Secure guidelines and can only invite a limited numbers of customers in the store at any one point in time.  


Equipment required every day - Please note that to comply with the latest Covid-19 guidance we will be unable to allow students to borrow equipment

Student Information Form

Thank you for completing the online New Student Information Form.  This form will ask you for the information we require to register your child on our school system and will ask you to agree to various school policies and for us to obtain parental consent where required.  If you have not yet completed it please use the following link.  It should only take around 10 minutes to complete.

New Student Information Form 

Supporting Documents:

Year 7 Information Booklet - Includes details about school uniform and equipment 

Student Code of Conduct

Acceptable use of the Internet

Biometric Data

Medicines in school

Photographic Images of your child

School Trips &Off Site activities

Privacy Policy

Emergency School Closure

Student Internet Access

Home School Agreement

If at any time before September 2020 you are offered and accept a place at another local secondary school please email the Admissions Officer on to let me know which school your child will be attending in September and to enable our Admissions Officer to offer the space to another child on our waiting list.

In the meantime if you have any questions you would like to ask regarding your child’s transition to Sunbury Manor please contact our Admissions Officer by emailing Please do not contact the school by telephone as your message may not be collected until the school re-opens.

NHS School Nurse Service

NHS Year 7 Introduction Letter

Year 6 Transition Challenge

Please find below details of the Year 6 Transition Challenge.  Take care to read the instructions first!

Year 6 Transition Challenge Instructions

Challenge 1 - All About Me

Challenge 2 - A Helping Hand

Challenge 3 - Breaking Out of the Bottle

Challenge 4 - Exercise, Bake, Build or Make

Challenge 5 - Letter to my future self in Year 11

Challenge 5 - Writing frame to support Challenge 5


A letter to Year 6 from the Headteacher, Mrs Duncan

Dear Year 6 children,

We find ourselves in a very unusual set of circumstances and I am imagining you are wondering what is going to happen about your move onto Year 7. I am also aware from your Year 6 teachers and Headteachers that some of you are worrying about the learning you are missing because you’re not at school.

So the purpose of this letter to you is to say “please stop worrying!”. We are all in this together and we are all finding our way through it. There is no right and wrong way, and the most important thing is that you are well and happy, so we can get on with the learning quickly and positively when this is all over and we are back at school.

We know we will have to adapt our Year 7 learning plans so that any learning that might have been missed in Year 6 is addressed. To help with this, we will be talking to your Year 6 teachers to find out where they got to in the Year 6 curriculum before the schools closed, as well as finding out about each of you as individuals. We’re also already thinking through what else we can do to make our transition arrangements as useful as possible to help you have a confident start to secondary school.

So, for the time being this is what we would advise you to do:

· make the most of whatever learning activities are available from your primary school. We know different schools are offering different things – please try not to compare yours with the one your friend might have in a different school – they are all useful experiences to keep you thinking and learning

· login in and use Lexia PowerUp to help develop your literacy - details below

Letter to Year 6 Parents/Carers regarding Lexia PowerUp Literacy Website

Why not try out Numerise - Create a free account now!

· read lots of books about lots of different subjects to increase your general knowledge

· practise your times tables

· practise your maths computation skills (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division)

· if you’re doing anything online – remember to keep to the usual online safety rules

· do some exercise every day

· and make time to relax

Every single Year 6 child in the country is in the same position as you and our promise to you is that we will work together with you, your parents/carers and your primary school to ensure your start to Year 7 is as exciting and positive as it can be.

Yours faithfully,

Mrs Duncan